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Monday, 22 September 2014

Club Penguin Mod Monday - September 22, 2014

Hey penguins.

Megg announced this week's Mod Monday on the Club Penguin Blog lately, Mod Monday's are weekly meetups where Club Penguin moderators are logging on to play with you, this week's featured moderator is "Squeakynose", this is what Megg said in her blog post.

Hello Penguins!
Get ready for another epic mod meetup -- this weeks featured mod is: 
Here are a few fun facts about Squeakynose:
1. Favorite Food: Popcorn and carnival food.
2. Favorite Club Penguin Party: I love them all but the Fall Fair is pretty awesome!
3. Random Fact: I am afraid of spiders and octopus ( they look like spiders).
4. Favorite Server: Zipline - It is the server I have always gone to and I love it there.
You can ask more questions by going on the server Zipline at 2:00pm PST.
Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

Mod Monday is at 2:00pm PST on the server Zipline, have fun!


Friday, 19 September 2014

Club Penguin Puffle Wild Exclusive Sneak Peek

Hey penguins.

Club Penguin is planning to release their brand new iOS app called "Puffle Wild" very soon, by that said, I was able to find some exclusive images of in-game footage, please note that what you are about to see are spoilers, if you don't want to see spoilers I encourage you to stop reading this blog post right now.

This is what you can do on the Puffle Wild app with a Club Penguin membership.

  • UNLOCK ALL bonus levels
  • ACCESS ALL the unique puffles, each with a special power
  • OPEN ALL the power platforms, and use puffles to help blast O'berries
  • ACCESS all future updates, including bonus levels, power-up perches and more
  • TAKE ALL puffle creatures back into the Club Penguin app
  • ADOPT all the pet puffle species and take them into the Puffle Wild app
As you can see, you will be able to unlock all bonus levels, access all the exclusive puffles such as the Bunny Puffle and the Reindeer Puffle and take the exclusive puffle creatures back into the Club Penguin app, now here's an exclusive in-game footage image.

As you can see, there's a Green Bunny Puffle and a Blue Reindeer Puffle in the image, you can take all these puffles and bring them back into the Club Penguin app, there are over 20 puffles you can get for free if you're a member, how awesome?

Am I allowed to use this pictures on my blog?
 Of course you can, don't forget to give us credit though!


Thursday, 18 September 2014

Club Penguin - Earn 14 Day Memberships by Purchasing Disney Films!

Hey everyone! 

Ever wanted a free 14 day Club Penguin Membership? Well guess what? Now is your chance! If you are a Disney Rewards Member you can now get a free 14 day Membership on Club Penguin for a total of 350 points. What exactly is this? Well you purchase films or movies online through Disney Movies Anywhere or DIsney movie Blureays, DVDS, or perhaps a CD or even Theatre Tickets, some of these merchandise come with a special code which you can redeeem online to add you to your Disney Movie Rewards account. Over time you can collect your points. These points can be used towards specific items such as gift cards, sometimes digital exclusives and as the title says, Club Penguin Memberships.

You can uses the useful links below to navigate to some of the relevant pages on the Disney Movie Rewards website. Credits to Trainman1405 for the information on this post.

Club Penguin School & Skate Party - Rookie Meetup Times

Hey penguins.

Rookie is officially visiting the Club Penguin during the School & Skate Party as confirmed on the Club Penguin blog, by that said,  here are some times Rookie is going to be online, please note that this post is going to be updated everytime I find new times so don't forget to check this post out everyday for new times.

Thursday, September 18 

 * 11:00am on the server Chinook

Friday, September 19

 * 1:00pm on the server Fog
 * 3:30pm on the server Mammoth

Saturday, September 20

 * 11:30am on the server Northern Lights
 * 1:00pm on the server Sherbet

Sunday, September 21

 * 8:15am on the server Cloudy
 * 4:30pm on the server Frosty

Monday, September 22

 * 3:30pm on the server Sled

Tuesday, September 23

 * 9:15am on the server Jack Frost
 * 3:30pm on the server Mammoth

Wednesday, September 24

 * 10:00am on the server Sherbet
 * 12:45pm on the server Fog

 Thursday, September 25th

* 8.30am on the German server Handschuhe

Please note that the times listed above are in Penguin Standard Time, if you don't remember what time is in Penguin Standard Time check the Clock Tower at the Snow Forts or click there.

Have fun meeting Rookie!


Club Penguin School & Skate Party 2014 Full Guide

Hey penguins.

The Club Penguin School & Skate Party is finally here, you are able to clean party rooms, collect skateboards and get exclusive school party items for both members and non-members!

When you first log in, Rookie is going to pop up and speak to you.

He says:

"Heya! I need some help with the school. It's a MESS! Could you pick up the stuff I left before I get in trouble? Don't forget your backpack! Click on this one to get everything you need!"

Click on the Backpack icon next to the moderator badge to open the School & Skate Party Interface Menu, from there you are able to collect items, get your free backpack and visit new rooms.

There are a total of 8 free non-member items including the new igloo and 12 member items for your penguin, to get an item press on the "Collect" button after cleaning the rooms from the mess, press on the "Wear" button to wear it.

There is a brand new room which is the Skatepark, if you are a member and collected any of the skateboards, wearing them will let you perform some cool tricks!

You need to clean the rooms from the mess, there are a total of 6 party rooms that needs to be cleaned, after you've done cleaning the rooms Rookie is going to pop up.

He says:

"Thank you! The school looks waaaay better!
No detention for me!"

After that, Rookie is going to give you a free igloo as a gift for helping him out.

He says:

"Now we're going to build schools in Ecuador, Haiti, and India-and send out over 14,000 backpacks to students. Have this Schoolhouse Igloo to celebrate."

Click on the "Collect" button to collect the free Schoolhouse Igloo which is free for everyone.

And as always, there are 3 new emotes at this party.

From what I know, there is no mascot visiting at this party, but ????? or most likely Sasquatch is going to visit probably.

Anyways, the School & Skate Party is on the Club Penguin app too, if you've got an iPhone, iPad and iPod you can check out the School & Skate Party right from your iDevice.