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Monday, 28 July 2014

Club Penguin: How to open any Playercard

Hey penguins.

I recently found a new glitch that allows you to view any Club Penguin Playercard even created on Club Penguin (even mascot playercards), if you know about the "add anyone" glitch back in 2012, then this one might be easier for you to do.
In order to do do this glitch you must have Google Chrome installed on your computer.

After downloading Google Chrome, head to and start logging in your penguin, click on the top right corner on the Google Chrome browser, choose the option "Tools" and "Javascript Console"
Something should pop up, after that you must type:

"Disney.Friends.Event.updateListeners (Disney.Friends.Event.SHOW_PLAYER_CARD, "{SWID}")"

                                                 WARNING: Copy and Paste might not work

Afer you've done that, replace the SWID with any of these following codes:

Polo Field- {2dc0fb07-ccc0-44dc-b30a-443285b7f5f6}
Spike Hike- {f5af0fd3-0701-4201-bb08-90632b962816}
Daffodaily5- {5c5118e0-d2c5-4f2d-85fa-c67bf9851e12}
Happy77- {b286af23-3bdc-46d9-bf6b-83ec8fa587d5} 
Milletimisev {901a9823-fd07-46e6-8fa8-276fbf9c576e}
Loustik005- {29aecbc6-7714-4705-af63-ff78cc63fe89}
Billybob -- {11099f08-77a7-4734-b84d-9158c28bbc51}
Businesmoose {f926967e-9a0b-4db2-8e8f-30e005fee7c3}
Federflink1 -{b670caa7-e177-483b-a1f7-774639418cfa}
Gizmo - {70c88523-09bc-41c7-8ec1-a05671cce2bd}
Gajotz - {4e852465-8cfc-4953-b829-2e4484cb361e}
Mace - {a7a0b109-7197-41d0-bf00-1d47d098436d}
Rsnail - {369bb7a5-252f-428f-a1b0-34ab0343683e}
Screenhog - {446dc9df-0bd3-4cb1-9f6c-ca28969f90b6}
Tato Maxx - {762a44c7-de7d-4338-bfd1-fdcbc12647f6}

Dragosv224 - {f0791492-71b8-4db0-ab32-2756944f1c12}

Once you done this, press enter on your keyboard and you should see the penguin's playercard you've chosen.
This also works with Club Penguin mascots such as Gary, Aunt Arctic and Rockhopper, in order to do that, you must open the Javascript Console again and type in:

"Disney.Friends.Event.updateListeners (Disney.Friends.Event.SHOW_CHARACTER_CARD, "MASCOTID")"

Replace the MASCOTID with one of the following:

- Aunt Arctic: 2
- Cadence: 3
- Gary: 4
- Franky: 5
- Petey K: 6
- G Billy: 7
- Stompin' Bob: 8
- Sensei: 9
- Herbert: 10
- Wheel Bot: 11
- Jet Bot: 12
- Snow Bot: 13
- Protobot: 14
- Dot: 15
- Rookie: 16
- Jet Pack Guy: 17
- Director: 18
- Happy77: 26
- Billybob: 27
- PH: 28
- Rocky: 29
- CeCe 30

With this glitch you can actually send the penguin a postcard, check out his stamp book, add him as a friend without even meeting him on the Club Penguin island!

What do you think about this new Club Penguin glitch? Be sure to leave us a comment below if it worked for you!


Sunday, 27 July 2014

Maintenance Mode, Clear Cache Option, and Other Features Coming In Next Club Penguin App Update

Hey penguins!

Trainman1405 is an awesome guy, right? He allows bloggers, such as myself, to use his information with credits. I would attempt to explain this post in my own words, but I think Train would do a far better job. So, on this site you can read an extract of the post and continue reading on his site!
Club Penguin’s app is currently on version 1.4.1, but that soon will change to version 1.5. In addition to bringing the quests feature there will be some other minor additions.
If you’ve ever been on Club Penguin’s play page when they’re updating the game Wednesday nights/Thursday mornings you may have seen their “Brb!” login screen with the Brown Puffle. This will be coming to Club Penguin’s app with a feature called Maintenance Mode.
Continue reading at - 

Club Penguin Frozen Party 2014 Exclusives - Mobile Party, Adopt an Olaf Puffle, and More!

Hey penguins!

Warning, before you continue, click off if you do not want to spoil next month's club penguin party! It's the Frozen party...

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Next month's party, will indeed be the Frozen Takeover. No real shocker there. All images are owned by Trainman1405 at
An Olaf puffle will be available for adoption! Most likely, it will be a temporary thing. Similar to the prehistoric party this year that happened.
Also some more information about the party is listed below:

  • Members that collect all of the snowflakes in the rooms can learn magic powers
  • You can throw freezing snowballs
  • You can create a snowman Puffle
  • You can become a Marshmallow
  • You can become Olaf
  • On August 28th, a week after the Frozen Takeover begins, if you visit her Ice Palace you can get Ice Furniture. The furniture is for everyone
  • On August 28th you will also be able to see Elsa perform at the Ice Palace
  • The rooms will start summery but transform into iced versions over the course of the party.
Here's a list of the rooms that will be decorated during the Club Penguin Frozen Takeover.
  • Beach
  • Dock
  • Town
  • Snow Forts
  • Plaza
  • Forest
  • Cove
  • The Ice Palace, a special party room
Snow Forts:
The Forest, with Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post:
Ice Palace.
Also, a song that will be played in one of the rooms during this party will sound like this. This song is played on the Piano.

Club Penguin: Herbert Coming Next Month? - EPF Related Party?

Club Penguin App quests coming Next Month

Hey penguins.

Club Penguin is confirmed to release quests for the mobile app soon! Based on some information found by V0rtex, a Club Penguin player, Club Penguin is going to release quests for the mobile next month!
Since next month the Frozen Party starts, the quest update is going to occur during August.

This is how the quest will look like on the mobile app when the Frozen Party starts, different characters from the movie Frozen are going to give you hints on how to collect Snowflakes.