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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Club Penguin 9th Anniversary Party - Happy Birthday Club Penguin!

Hey penguins.

It's been 9 whole years since Club Penguin started, by that said Club Penguin is celebrating this special event at the Coffee Shop, so hurry up! Get your free 9th Anniversary Party hat today.

To get the party hat, all you have to do is click on the Red and Purple party hat next to the cake.


Reminder: Club Penguin Updates Tonight - 22nd October 2014

Hey penguins!

As you may already know, tomorrow is... Thursday! This is the the 43rd update of 2014 and contains major updates! The updates are as follows. Credits to Trainman1405 for the list.

  • Halloween Party 2014
  • 9th Anniversary Party
  • 2013-2014 Yearbook Added
  • Club Penguin Times Issue 470
  • As always there will likely be a new EPF message on your spy phone later in the day

Club Penguin Blog: Club Penguin Unites on Unity Day

Hey everyone!

Dr Flopper here with a new Club Penguin update post. Megg has posted a new post on the Club Penguin Official What's New Blog entitled: "Club Penguin Unites on Unity Day". The post is related to supporting Unity Day. 

Club Penguin Blog: Club Penguin Unites on Unity Day

October 22 is Unity Day -- the day where we gather together and wear as much orange as we can to unite against bullying.

You're invited! We're holding an online meet-up to support Unity Day. Here are the details:

We also have a very special guest today: our friend Alex Angelo from Radio Disney! His penguin name is Dj Alex022... let's give him a warm Club Penguin community welcome today!

Dj Alex022

See you then! Remember, you can never wear too much orange :D

Waddle on,

-Club Penguin Team

Club Penguin Halloween Party 2014 Sneak Peeks and Information Roundup

Hey penguins.

Boo! The Halloween Party is almost there, only less than one day away. By that said, this post is going to be all related to the Halloween Party, what we know and some sneak peeks that have been revealed in the past.

The main story of the Halloween Party is that Gariwald went to investigate the mysterious Puffle Hotel when he suddently dissapears and we need to complete a maze to find parts of the Ghost Puffle catching matchine and catch the ghost puffles.

Here are some scripts that are going to be used for the party:

"Indeed! I'm investigating the paranormal events at the Puffle Hotel. Expect my report next week!"
"Gariwald was investigating ghostly events in the Puffle Hotel. What happened to him?"
"It's not gonna work without power. We'll have to check that spooky Basement."
"Those switches gotta control the power. Try flipping them!"
"Yikes! Was that a g-g-g-ghost puffle!? They gotta be the ones haunting this place."
"Did they take Gariwald?! We better use the elevator to search the hotel."
"You know, there's nothing on the 13th floor anyway."
"I bet those ghost puffles are hiding something. Can you see any clues?"
"That's what they're hiding! Pieces from the ghost catcher upstairs!"
"That's what they're hiding! Pieces from the ghost catcher upstairs!"
"There must be one somewhere in the hotel! That thing is just what we need."
"That's the last piece! Sweet! Now we can use the ghost catcher on the 12th floor!"
"We gotta put out those candles. Try throwing snowballs at them!"
"Those spooky flames are blocking the way!"
"Where do those hallways go? There's something weird going on."
"Whoa. Is this the same room? Did anything change?"
"There's something strange about those hallways."
"The arrows on the walls! Those must be a clue. Whichever ghost set this up was super clever!"
"Eeek. Do you think that sleeping puffle is hiding something? Dude looks sketchy."
"Oh maybe we can make the light wake up that sleeping puffle! That's tricky..."
That sleeping puffle carving, does it look like it's hiding something?"
"You've almost got it! Now make the light go all the way around to the puffle!"
"Whoa. Nothing much on this floor.","
"There could be a clue in the gross pool. But I'm hoping it's in the pumpkins instead.",
"Eww. Should these pumpkins be growing here?","
"There's a button down there. But can you find your way through the maze?","
That ghost portrait is creeping me out...","
Yikes! Nothing to see on this floor.","
"Check those emotes. Maybe that's a clue to these wicked riddles!",
"Yikes, a talking gargoyle! What does it want?","
"Keep trying those emotes on the wall! That gargoyle looks mean!","
"Ahh! Ghost puffles! Be careful!","
"This is it! Step on that button to capture these awful ghost puffles.",
"That machine look like Gariwald's ghost catcher. But it's missing pieces!",
"Just a few more pieces and we can totally stop the ghost puffles.",
:"Do you think we could use it to stop the nasty ghost puffles? Then maybe we'll find Gariwald.",
"Quickly, step on the button! That'll start the ghost catcher!",
"NICE! You caught all the puffles. Now their ghost energy is bottled up.",
"Everything has worked out just the way I wanted...",
"Oh my! He's tricked us both. Can you escape your cage somehow?",
"Could you short out the fusebox? That's what controls your cage, you see.",
"You're almost there. Simply hit the release button by the machine and we're free!",
"No way! I'm not letting you mess this up. It's my ticket to the big leagues!",
"Show him what for! Hit the rubble to distract "

Spoooky! Club Penguin later uploaded a brand new Game On video on their home page showing out the Halloween Party to the public, the Halloween Party will be based on the Puffle Hotel and Gariwald's investigation. A Club Penguin fan player uploaded the video on their YouTube channel so you can watch the video right there.

Awesome, I am so excited. This Halloween Party is going to be big and I feel it, are you guys excited? I sure am.


Friday, 17 October 2014

Club Penguin Halloween Party 2014 Preparations

Hey penguins.

It's one week until Club Penguin's most awaited party of the year, the Halloween Party which is going to take place during October 3rd and November 5th, by that said, if you log in this weeked Gary and Gariwald is going to pop up and talk to you about the Halloween Party.

It reads:

"Greetings! My great uncle Gariwald the Contraption Chap is here for Halloween. He's a ghost investigator, and he's on the case of the Puffle Hotel!"

It reads:

"Indeed! I've come to study perplexing paranormal events. I'll report back next week with my findings. Safety first!"

The Puffle Hotel has some minor updates one week before the Halloween Puffle starts, the rooms are designed just in time for the Halloween Party.

What do you think? I am really excited for the Halloween Party, it is going to be the best party in my opinion, what about you? Are you excited for the Halloween