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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Club Penguin Times - Issue #444: Supper Puffle Show!

Hello Penguins!

Today, a new issue of the Club Penguin Times was released. This week's feature story is - SUPPER PUFFLE SHOW!

Let's jump right into the newspaper.

This week's main article tells us all about The Puffle Gala.

By PH - Alright mates. You've been doin' great with your tricks. I see loads of puffles performing all over the island. But now the big show has arrived! Go to the Stage to see what's up!

This week's second article talks about how The Forest has been decorated for this party.

Lastly, we have some upcoming events, as usual. 

  • May 1 - Special Event
  • May 15 - Furniture & Igloo Catalog
That's about it with this week's Club Penguin Times. Your thoughts and opinions are always appreciated.


Club Penguin - Future Party to Take Place in May

Hello Penguins!

A few moments ago, I came across a post from Megg on the official blog, where she confirmed the May party to be the Future Party and also shared 2 sneak peek images.

Take a look at the official post below.
You guys had some great guesses about what we've got coming in May.
I'm stoked to finally tell you that it's going to be the Future party!!!
Here's two sketches of what we're working on.

What do you think future Club Penguin will look like? Leave us a comment below. 
Waddle on,
-Club Penguin Team
Are you excited for this party? Comment below.


Club Penguin Puffle Gala Cheats

Hello Penguins!

Club Penguin released the much awaited Puffle Gala a few hours ago. This room can be accessed by going to the Plaza and entering the stage.

The Puffle Gala is an amazing room for your Puffle to share their tricks. 

This is a stunning room! Make sure you leave your thoughts in the comments.


Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Club Penguin - New Code: Blue Border Collie Hat

Hello Penguins!

We've discovered an amazing code, that unlocks the Blue Border Collie Hat!

Firstly, click here. Now log-in with your penguin account. Once you're logged in, click on "I've got a Code".

Now enter "PUFFLES1"

The item looks amazing in my opinion! Let me know of your thoughts in the comments.


Club Penguin - Disney Game On - Puffles!

Hello Penguins!

A few moments ago, I was checking out Club Penguin's YouTube channel, where I found a new video that they uploaded.

In this episode of Disney's Game On, Hallie talks about the newly released Puffles and how the Club Penguin Application is now available for iPhone and iPod.

Check out the official video below.

Now, it's time for the ultimate question! Whom are YOU supporting? #TeamDog or #TeamCat? Leave a comment!