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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Meet Up With Chattabox

G’Day Penguins,
I’ve just finished helping return Rockhopper’s core memories -- was that an emotional roller coaster, or what?! 
The good news is, he’s back to his usual stinky cheese loving self. The even better news is…drum roll please… I’ve got a new outfit for every emotion AND some epic pirate loot. I just hope that sword isn't made out of the cursed stinky cheese he found!
I LOVED exploring Rockhopper's mind with Gary's Minderizer 3000. I walked through all the treasure in Loot Island and even sneakily performed a play of my own in Dream Productions -- it was all amazing! I’m so happy, I’m practically orange (pink + Joy’s yellow = orange). In fact, us penguin pals need to party to celebrate. 
Dress in the color of your favorite emotion and meet me at my iggy on the Down Under server, Thursday 30th July. Here are the times:
 * 4:00pm Australian Eastern Standard Time
 * 6:00pm New Zealand Standard Time
 * 11:00pm Penguin Standard Time on Wednesday 29th July for everyone over in the US and Canada
 * 7:00am on Thursday 30th July for my pals in the UK
Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

New Author with Great New Plans

Hi penguins,
The name's Dadted and I'm joining Dr Flopper on this blog to bring you the latest Club Penguin News and cheats.

Here are some upcoming plans I have:

So it would be great to hear your thoughts about my plans and me joining the team on the blog...
Send me a tweet to @Dadted, and I'd love to reply back.

I'll see you penguins soon.
- Dadted

Monday, 27 July 2015

Club Penguin Spoiler: Fashion Show Coming Next Month?!

Hey penguins!

According to the Club Penguin files, next month's party will be the Fashion Party. Here's an image of its logo.
There will be 15 clothing challenge categories. They will be as follows:

  • Gold and Graceful
  • Hollywood High School
  • Black Tie Spy
  • Red Carpet Sensation
  • Superhero Style
  • Animal Kingdom
  • Rainbow Mermaid
  • Magical Butterfly
  • Wild Puffle Guide
  • Sea Creatures
  • Everything Squid
  • Prehistoric rom
  • Rainbow Ninja
  • Punk Puffle
  • Completely Random
In addition to this, we will be able tubit our own creations for each of those categories. Once you have submitted your entry, you will receive a pin.

Apparently there's going to be a ticket mechanic which we do not have much detail of, as of now. The following rooms will be decorated:
  • Dock
  • Forest
  • Stadium
  • Town
  • Plaza
  • Snow Forts
What are your thoughts? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, or vote below in the vote tab!

- Dr Flopper
Waddle on penguins!

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Club Penguin Tips When Spotting a Hacker

NOTE: THIS IS A REPOST. THIS POST WAS CREATED FROM ONE OF MY PREVIOUS AUTHORS. HIS NAME IS Dragosv224. This post is really good, so you guys can read it.

Hey penguins.

Many of you know about those "hackers" who are getting almost any item right now on Club Penguin, using programs such as "Item Adders" which are unsafe, so I tought it'll be a good moment to write this post .
An Item Adder is a software that can allow any penguin to get any item on the Club Penguin island, this includes The Beta Hat, the Red Lei, the Blue Lei, unreleased Items and even more such as backgrounds and pins.

At this moment, here are a few things hackers may do on Club Penguin:

1. Sending rude postcards that aren't available in the postcard catalog
2. Using emotes that have been found in old parties
3. Hacker's name may have not been approved by the Club Penguin Support, so it may look like P578329502.
4. They are wearing rare items, to see if he/she really got that item, open his stampbook and look if he has the "365 days old" stamp, if he doesn't have that stamp and let say, he has the beta hat, you must take action immediately!

Here are a few things you can do if you spot a hacker:

1. Report the player by using the "Report player" menu on any playercard, by pressing that button you must select "Rude or mean" and then select "Lying or Cheating", after clicking those buttons, a form will be send to the Club Penguin support.
2. Ignore the player: Be sure to ignore the player so you never see them again on the Club Penguin island.
3. Get their name and e-mail their penguin username to Club Penguin support via their support e-mail at

In conclusion, never use Money makers, Item adders, Igloo Furniture Adders, Rare Item Adders, Music Igloo Adder.

Stay safe and away from those programs!


Club Penguin Gary Meetup Times July 2015 For 2015 Inside Out Party - MEET GARY EASILY

Hey penguins!
Gary the Gadget Guy is now waddling around on the island. As a result, I have some meet-up times for you guys. Club Penguin made a video about meeting Gary. You can watch it below.
Here are the meet-up times for Gary. All meet-up times listed are for PST.

Friday, July 24th
2:00 AM on an unspecified Russian server (likely to be Аврора)
5:00 AM on an unspecified Russian server (likely to be Аврора)
8:00 AM on the Spanish server Bosque Encantado
8:30 AM on the French server Yeti
11:00 AM on the Portuguese server Meias de Lã
11:15 AM on the French server Thé
5:00 PM on the server Cloudy
Saturday, July 25th
7:30 AM on the Portuguese server Geladeira
3:30pm on the server Cozy
Sunday, July 26th
10:00 AM on the server Sled
11:00 AM on the Spanish server Código Agente
3:00 PM on the server Crystal
Monday, July 27th
3:00 AM on an unspecified Russian server (likely to be Аврора)
7:30 AM on the Portuguese server Frapê
8:00 AM on an unspecified Russian server (likely to be Аврора)
10:00 AM on the server Mittens
11:15 AM on the French server Flocon
12:00 PM on the French server Yeti
3:00 PM on the server Frosty
Tuesday, July 28th
1:00 AM on an unspecified Russian server (likely to be Аврора)
6:00 AM on an unspecified Russian server (likely to be Аврора)
7:15 AM on the French server Thé
10:00 AM on the server Mammoth
11:00 AM on the Spanish server Trineo de Nieve
11:15 AM on the French server Brise
12:30 PM on the Portuguese server Aurora Boreal
3:00 PM on the server Jack Frost
Credits to Trainman1405.