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Friday, 18 April 2014

Club Penguin - Puffle Party Walkthrough: Day 2!

Hello Penguins!

Today marks the day 2 of the Puffle Party, 2014. Today, you'll can collect 2 free items: Blue Border Collie Hoodie and Blue Border Collie Headband.

If you'd like to collect these items, log in to your penguin account and head to the town. Now click on the blue puffle booth.

Members can collect both the items, while non-members can only collect the Blue Border Collie Headband. 

What are your thoughts about these items? They look amazing, in my opinion! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments.


Thursday, 17 April 2014

YOU can Now Play Club Penguin on iPhone and iPad

Hey penguins!

Today, the MyPenguin app has been moved over to iPhone and iPods, consequently you can now use these devices to play club penguin! Here's what Polo Field said on the official what's new blog.

This is a HUGE day in CP history, everyone! The Club Penguin app is out NOW for iPod touch and iPhone devices! BOOM!
Check out the screenshot I took on an iPod touch. Here I am with my black puffle:
The iPad app has also been updated, so check it out!
Waddle on... on the go! ;)
-Club Penguin Team

Club Penguin Puffle Handbook and Catalog Updated 2014

Hey penguins!
The Club Penguin Puffle Handbook and Catalog have both been updated today. They have added some new shrimp and biscuit treats for puffles.
Also, they've added some new adventure hats for you puffle to wear.
Finally, the puffle handbook has been updated, showing the 2 new puffles. Thanks to FariousCP for the images below this.

Club Penguin New EPF Message from Puffle Handler

Hey penguins!

A new EPF Message has been sent to all EPF Spy Phones owned by agents on club penguin. This time Puffle Handler has sent the message. I apologise for the poor quality.
The message reads:
" You guys are ACE! This puffle celebrating is gonna be a hit! There's no sign of Herbert anywhere. Thanks for protecting these little critters! "

Club Penguin Adopt Cat and Dog Puffles!

Hey penguins!

You can now adopt dog and cat puffles at the pet shop! They cost double what normal puffles cost, however they're totally worth it. Here's how they look in the pet shop!
The Puffle Adoption Certificates: