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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Club Penguin Rebels Pin Cheat 2015!

Hey penguins!

I have got the latest Club Penguin Cheats 2015 for you! CP released a new pin, and I have got the cheat available. To get this pin, follow the steps:
1. Login to Club Penguin.
2. Choose a server.
3. Click on the map.
4. Go to the school (you can go there via the mine shack).
5. Click on the pin!
6. Congratulations!

Image credits: Trainman1405.

Club Penguin Times Issue #481 - Coins For Change Successes!

Hey penguins!

Today is Thursday, which means Club Penguin has updated. They have released their second newspaper issue of 2015, and this week's main article is titled: Coins For Change Successes! I think you can guess what this article is about.
The second article is about the Aqua Grabber 3000, it's Gary's work of creating an underwater moving machine? 
...and the upcoming events!

Club Penguin Star Wars Rebel Takeover 2015 ITEMS LEAKED

Hey penguins!

Club Penguin have updated their artwork for their YouTube, Twitter and Facebook profiles to showcase the artwork of the Star Wars Rebel Takeover of 2015. Credits to Trainman1405 for the image.
Pretty awesome, right? Share your thoughts in the comments, or vote below in the vote tab! I would really love to hear your opinions, other than that penguins, waddle on!

- Dr Floppper
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Club Penguin Coins for Change 2014 RESULTS ARE IN! *DRUM ROLL*

Hey penguins!
The Club Penguin Coins for Change 2014 results are in. Some really amazing penguins donated a grand total of 26 billion coins! That's double the amount of coins donated in 2013! That's amazing, since a lot of charity work will be done, all thanks to you guys!

Here's what Megg said: 

One of the projects we’re supporting is a playground built by KaBOOM!
Some members of the Club Penguin Team will be going down to give them the news. And as part of the surprise, we wanted to share some messages from you, to the children in the community where the playground will be built.
So leave your message in the comments below.
How many coins did you donate in 2014? I would love to know! Share your thoughts in the comments below or vote in the vote tab! Waddle on penguins! Credits to Trainman1405 for the image.

- Dr Flopper
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Monday, 5 January 2015

Club Penguin 2015 Party Ideas?!

Hey penguins!

Somebody on Twitter named Shop Worker has tweeted out an image of his ideas for the parties of 2015, and his opinions. His party ideas are pretty cool, therefore I felt like sharing this image.