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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Club Penguin Glitches 2013

On this page you guys can find general cheats and glitches for the game enjoy guys and leave a comment if you liked this page.

How to stand on the Dock's water

Step 1. Go to the Dock
Step 2. Click where my penguin is and you should be standing on water.

How to stand on the Iceberg's water

Step 1. Go the the Iceberg
Step 2. Go on top of the Aqua Grabber
Step 3. Click 'no' from the pop up then walk to where my Penguin is

How to say numbers

Step 1: Go to any room on Club Penguin.
Step 2: Click the messages button.
Step 3: Hover your mouse over games.
Step 4: Hover over 'Hide and Seek'.
Step 5: Click on the countdown of numbers.

If you know any other glitches not mentioned on this page, make to leave a comment below.

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