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Monday, 15 October 2012

Club Penguin How to add Mascots on Club Penguin.

Hi penguins,
Just wanted to let you guys know that @Trainman1405 was the first to post about it, so credits to him for that. So lets start. There is a gap club penguin didn't cover or fix when coding club penguins friend list and that is a way that you can add club penguin mascots without actually meeting them. You can never get banned from this since it is in your browser and you are not using any third party program such as a club penguin trainer. So this is on Google Chrome but it should be able to be done on all browsers. The first step is to log onto any server on club penguin. Now next to the web address bar on the right hand side (where you write www. ect.) there will be 3 lines click on that button.
Now from here click on tools then JavaScript console.
Now a screen like this will pop up. Next type this manually other wise it will not work : blue > type Disney.Friends.API.addCharacter (“#”). Replace the # to any number through 1 to 30. When you are done hit enter on the keyboard. Now it will say Unidentified. Close the JavaScript console.
Check your buddy list and the mascot will be there. When you log off it will still be there so congratulations here is a list of all the mascots numbers.

  • Rockhopper: 1
  • Aunt Arctic: 2
  • Cadence: 3
  • Gary: 4
  • Franky: 5
  • Petey K: 6
  • G Billy: 7
  • Stompin’ Bob: 8
  • Sensei: 9
  • Herbert: 10
  • Wheel Bot: 11
  • Jet Bot: 12
  • Snow Bot: 13
  • Protobot: 14
  • Dot: 15
  • Rookie: 16
  • Jet Pack Guy: 17
  • Director: 18
  • Happy77: 26 (Different than the actual player, but it still works)
  • Billybob: 27 (same explanation as for Happy77)
  • PH: 28
  • Rocky: 29
  • CeCe: 30 (List made by Trainman)


    1. Anyway how can we get the special back grounds?? :-/

    2. How do you be friends with klutzy the crab its not on the list?

    3. It did not work for me!
      I did what you said but it did not say unidentified, Instead it is undefined Dr.Flooper. So what should i do Dr.Flooper please tell me by sending it on this email: ok and please please tell me what to do and this was done in Google chrome itself.
      And my Club Penguin name is: Maraarleh and please add me in club penguin

    4. Is there any for Brady and Mack?

    5. You can add Kermit the Frog using the number 33

    6. eu quero pra cece e rocky eu botei e não adicionei elas

    7. How do you Friend the mascots in the music jam

    8. What is Elsa? Anna?