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Friday, 21 December 2012

Club Penguin How to get Rockhopper's Background without meeting him!

Note: You may get banned doing this. Do this it at your own risk.

Hi Penguins,
Well recently Gary hasn't been online due to bugs on club penguin, so to put a long story short I have decided to make a post on how you can add gary the gadget guy without him being online or even have added him. So without further a due lets start.
There is a gap club penguin didn't cover or fix when coding club penguins friend list and that is a way that you can add club penguin mascots without actually meeting them. You can never get banned from this since it is in your browser and you are not using any third party program such as a club penguin trainer. So this is on Google Chrome but it should be able to be done on all browsers. The first step is to log onto any server on club penguin. Now next to the web address bar on the right hand side (where you write www. ect.) there will be 3 lines click on that button.
Now from here click on tools then JavaScript console.
Now a screen like this will pop up below.
Enter this code in manually Disney.Friends.API.addCharacter ("1") do not copy and paste it other wise it will NOT work.
Check your buddy list and Rockhopper will be there. When you log off it will still be there so congratulations. xD
Now click on your friend list and Rockhopper should be at the bottom. Click on him to show his player card.
The player card should come up and then get the free item.
Click Yes. You want to keep it. xD
Congratulations you have now got the background. Find it in your inventory and wear it, be proud. Do you like this post? Let me know in the comments section or like below in the reactions tab! Snow long for now, waddle on!

- Dr Flopper


  1. That's against the rules of Club Penguin. Polo said so.

  2. u dont need to use the quotation mark

  3. thx that was amazing

  4. for some reason it keeps saying that it doesn't recognize Disney