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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

NEW Club Penguin Reusable Codes

Greeting penguins,

As you all know, Issue 6 of the Club Penguin Brazil Magazine has recently been released. Like all other Club Penguin Magazines, there are reusable code and a special code that could only be used once. Lucky for you, Club Penguin Blog got a hold of all the reusable codes in Club Penguin Brazil Magazine Issue 6. Check out the reusable codes below:


One code unlocks 500 coins and there are 5 codes provided so that means you will unlock 2500 coins when you redeem all of them. Awesome! Since today is the last day of the Holiday Party, I decided to donate the coins I unlocked to Coins For Change. What do you think of the new codes? Are you going to save up the coins or are you going to spend it? If you are going to spend it, spend it on what? Let us know my commenting on this post or by using the reaction tab below!

- Epic_Vivian

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