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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Club Penguin Sensei Tracker May 2013

Hi Penguins,
So Sensei is finally here! So I have decided to release a tracker that is 100% accurate and works every time! This tracker will tweet on my Twitter account @DrFlopperCP every time Sensei moves locations so Follow me here! Look below for the tracker!

Tracking Chat!


How Sensei looks Like!
Sensei is a grey penguin who normally only comes on during a special Card Jitsu Party but there may be some exceptions. He has a beard and a mustache and wears a peach colour sombrero of sort. He is one of the hardest penguins to find however you can easily find him with this tracker so make sure to visit here daily! Here is how to add him before the party even starts click here!

Tips on Finding him!
  • Sensei will change servers every 5-20 minutes so wait on the server page if the server is full and refresh this page. When the server changes quickly go to the location and you can meet Sensei.
  • Like I said before he wears a Sombrero so you should be able to spot him easily.
  • If a server that is not crowded and rapidly does go to this server it might be where Sensei is.
  • Meeting Sensei takes a lot of patience keep on trying and I promise you will find Sensei at least once in the party. When I found Sensei when I was waddling in the book room and the Sensei just appeared so it times luck and my tracker ;-)
  • Click on Sensei's Player card and click the box button to get a free autographed background don't forget to add him as a friend!
  • Follow me on Twitter for up to date locations and server changes @DrFlopperCP
Have fun tracking penguins! Don't worry we guarantee you will find Sensei at least once this party so stay patient!


  1. When I was on marshmallow, I was at dance club and i accidentally found cadence without any trackers in 2012/2011 :O