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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Club Penguin Easter Eggs

Greeting penguins,

   As you know, Easter is coming very soon later this month! To celebrate that, Club Penguin has released a gigantic Easter Egg available for purchase for penguins to buy. If you buy the Easter Egg, you will receive an unlockable code. Check out the Easter Egg yourself below:

Ovo de Pascoa Club Penguin


   Credits to Perapin ( and her site which you can visit HERE ) for telling us about this. The only thing about this is that it's only available in Brazil. You will receive a code to unlock online and a penguin figurine. The code will unlock 1500 coins for your penguin account. It will also contain a little penguin figurine inside the chocolate egg. You will be able to play Sled Racing with the figurines! But the codes are only valid until August 31, 2013. You can buy these Easter eggs at a store called Lojas Americanas in Brazil or you can buy one online HERE. If you look at the banner, you can still see the old Club Penguin logo. Maybe they forgot to change it?

   What do you think of these Easter Eggs? Are you going to buy them? Let us know by commenting on this post or by using the reaction tab below.

- Epic_Vivian

1 comment:

  1. Thanks Epic Vivian for the credit, remember to give credit to Saraapril and Ask. :)

    ~Perapin :)