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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Will The New Star Wars Takeover Party Flop?

Recently Club Penguin have uploaded the "Cinematic" Trailer of their upcoming party, the Star Wars Takeover Party 2013. However Club Penguin did receive a little more criticism then usual with this video! Judge for yourself on what you think of this new party by watching the trailer below then either liking or disliking it.

As you can see there is almost more dislikes than likes.

I think this party will be great for Star Wars fans, but then again not everyone likes Star Wars. I don't want to bash Club Penguin as they work really hard, but I hope we do have a party that is not commercially themed at least once this year! I do think and agree that the old parties were better, because in my opinion they were more creative and fun, but that's my opinion and a lot of other people might think something else. What do you think of these new parties? Do you hate them or love them? Comment below and tell us your opinion.


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